A downloadable game for Windows

Navigate a torpedo in environments filled with obstacles and DESTROY YOUR TARGET.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/smMcwCMnhT4

YOU ARE A TORPEDO AI is still in development.


Left key - Turn left

Right key - Turn right

Space bar - Boost

R - Restart mission

Enter - Confirm

ESC - Cancel / Pause

The demo version has only the first 30 levels of the game.


12/october/2016- v0.5.1

  • Color scheme of world 4 changed
  • Homing torpedo speed reduced by 10%
  • Fixed the mines' explosion radius

07/september/2016- v0.5.0

  • 15 new levels (75 levels total)
  • Fullscreen option added
  • Preview of the level added

11/july/2016- v0.4.1

  • The mines explosion radius is now visible
  • The HUD fades when the torpedo is close to it

08/july/2016- v0.4.0

  • 15 new levels (60 levels total)

08/may/2016- v0.3.0

  • 15 new levels (45 levels total)
  • New progression system
  • The boost is a bit more powerful now

06/april/2016 - v0.2.0

  • Some levels were altered
  • 15 new levels (30 levels total)
  • Shaders

More information

Published233 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, GameMaker, one-hit-kill, Time Attack, torpedo, underwater
Average durationA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese
Player countSingleplayer


TorpedoAI-Demo.exe (27 MB)

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